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Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

What is a search engine and how does it work?

Before we go into search engine optimization in detail, we would first like to address the general operation of a search engine so that you can better understand the later steps of optimization.

The search engines, which include the Internet giant Google, are a search service on the World Wide Web that - based on a user's query - searches the vastness of the Internet and provides corresponding references (hyperlinks) to HTML documents in a list that could be relevant to the search query.

These result lists (also called "Search Engine Result Page" - SERP ) are compiled according to certain criteria and factors and sorted using an algorithm according to relevance for the user and his search query. This creates a ranking of the delivered references, which positions the most relevant results at the top.

The basis of such a search engine is a huge database in which lots of links to HTML documents are cataloged. In order to be able to provide you with the desired results, the search engines work with a so-called index . All relevant results are recorded in these, so that they can be called up in less than a second if the user enters a certain keyword.

To fill the index, the search engines work with so-called crawlers. These "robots" search the Internet automatically for relevant content and save everything that appears "important" to them in a cache so that it can be called up again at lightning speed and made available to the user within the search results.

But how does the bot know whether it could be a relevant page on a particular topic? For this purpose, the so-called meta data, to which the meta title and the meta description belong, are read out. You can assign these yourself when creating the respective website and ideally insert the most important keywords.

If a user enters the desired keyword or the keyword combination that you have processed both in your optimized texts and in the metadata , Google can search specifically for results that contain this term. In the best case scenario, Google will perceive your website as relevant to the search query and display it in a prominent position in the results pages.

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By using different keywords in a targeted manner, you can positively influence the ranking in the SERPs.

In the best case scenario, a website will be ranked in the top ten results. This result is desirable because more than 80 percent of all Internet users only look at the first ten results that can be found on the first results page of the search engine.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) comes into play in the effort to achieve these popular rankings, which we will explain to you in more detail below.

SEO, SEA or SEM: what are the differences?

Search engine marketing (“SEM” for short) is a sub-area of ​​online marketing that deals with all measures by which a website can be positioned in the search engine results pages. Search engine marketing consists of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA).

Under the search engine optimization (short "SEO") is the optimization of websites for better positioning / delivery in the organic (unpaid) Results of a search engine. In SEO, a distinction is made between on- page optimization (all adjustments to a website) and off-page optimization (all external factors of a website, e.g. backlinks).

Search engine advertising (short "SEA") is limited to paid activities (eg. switching of advertisements) for better presence of companies / brands within the search engine results pages. This concerns all online forms of advertising that are billed via clicks (cost per click).


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Search engine optimization ("SEO" for short) comprises all measures for optimizing websites for better positioning in organic search engine rankings.


Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search engine optimization ("SEO" for short) comprises all measures for optimizing websites for better positioning in organic search engine rankings.

Website content that can be indexed by search engines is optimized in such a way that the website is delivered in the best possible positions for content-relevant search queries from users.

The aim is to encourage the user to click on the link to their own website in the search results. This can be achieved through optimized metadata, which signals to the user that the content of the website is most relevant to his search query.

The following applies: The better the ranking in the SERPs (“Search Engine Result Page” - SERP), the more you benefit from high visibility, which consequently leads to higher click rates, which in turn can have a positive effect on your company's sales figures. The result can also be an increase in awareness.

It is important that the website and its content are optimized to really meet the user's expectations after they have reached the page via the search engine results page.

In order for SEO to bring about the desired success as possible, it must be very well prepared. A comprehensive SEO analysis should therefore be carried out before starting the actual work. A detailed competition analysis is also recommended to get an impression of the positioning in the market, as well as opportunities and risks.

Which SEO areas are there?

Search engine optimization consists of two important pillars - on-page and off-page optimization. Both pillars are important and should be considered equally in order to achieve the best possible success for your website. In most cases the Off Page optimization is preceded by the On Page optimization.

The On Page SEO includes all adjustments to the site, such as content optimization (eg. in terms of format, quality, headings, keywords), and the optimization of technical aspects, such as meta data, URL structure, broken pages, and many more.

When Off Page SEO covers actions that take place outside to be optimized page, the so-called external factors of a website. In most cases these are backlinks / external links. These are still one of the most important ranking factors and therefore extremely important for a good placement in the organic ranking.

In addition to On Page & Off Page SEO, we also speak of local SEO (local search engine optimization) , international SEO (international search engine optimization) and mobile SEO in the context of search engine optimization .

Which measures make the most sense in your case depends entirely on your company, your goals and your target group.

Why a good ranking in search results is so important

How often do you search for a specific term on Google? Probably several times a week, if not daily. And how often do you only look at the results that you find on the first page? Probably very often, as is the case with most users.

Hardly anyone pays attention to the second page and the chances of being found by users decrease the further back your website is placed in the search results of a search engine.

If you run a successful company and want to continue to assert yourself against the competition, there is hardly any way around search engines these days. There is almost no other way to be noticed by the potential target group than to be found on Google. Because, let's be honest - only very few people use business directories.

Through targeted search engine optimization and the resulting improved ranking in the organic SERPs, you increase your visibility enormously, so that your potential target group can find you more often.

As a result of this better findability, the traffic and interactions on your website will also increase. The users are interested in you and your products and will make more purchases, which increases your company's sales.

However, anyone who does not do SEO these days and is therefore not or only very difficult to find on the search engines Google, Bing or Yahoo is giving away a lucrative opportunity to increase the company's success and letting the competition take precedence.
But even half-hearted search engine optimization and the resultant mediocre placement in the search results is unfortunately of no use, because: Only those who are represented in the top 10 on Google will be successful in the long term.

However, you should keep in mind that professional search engine optimization is not a flash in the pan. Rather, it is a constant optimization process that continues even after the basic optimization has been completed. SEO is a sustainable affair that should be given adequate time and energy on a consistent basis.

What are SEO KPIs and which are the most important?

The KPIs are the key performance indicators that play a major role nowadays if you want to measure the success of your SEO strategy. Since there are various KPIs, all of which are more or less important, we would like to explain the most important factors to you below. However, you should know in advance that SEO parameters are only relevant if you can determine them regularly and, above all, reliably.

The visibility index
Using the visibility index, you can see how “visible” a page is in the results of a search engine. The respective keywords serve as the "measurement basis".

This KPI is particularly suitable if you want to carry out a competition comparison.

The indexing
The indexation rate also proves to be a good factor for measuring the success or failure of a page. It compares the ratio of submitted and indexed pages, from which the indexation rate is determined.

The page performance
The page performance provides information on, among other things, how fast the loading times and the server response times are. The faster the pages can be accessed, the better this affects the ranking in the search engine.

The ranking development
This can be used to derive which adjustments must be made to the content so that the website continues to rank among the top rankings. Remember that the ranking will change again and again, also because the competition is also doing SEO. It is therefore important to constantly monitor developments and, for example, to create suitable landing pages for new keywords.

The CTR (click-through rate)
The click-through rate is also known as the "click rate". The Google Search Console gives you access to this important value, which you can use to see how good or bad the traffic to certain content is. A bad CTR shouldn't discourage you, but rather encourage you to optimize content so that the CTR will improve in the future.

The page views
The page views serve as an important indicator of the channel through which the users reach your website and where there is a need for improvement. For example, you can determine whether the access was obtained through paid or organic sources.

Length of stay and bounce rates
These are also two important indicators that can provide information about the quality of your page and its content. The faster a user leaves the page and the less they can be encouraged to click or buy, the faster you should find the errors, because it can be assumed that the website is not user-friendly enough.

Remember: the lower the bounce rate and the longer the users stay on your website, the better this can affect the Google ranking.

Who is SEO for?

It can be said that SEO is really suitable for anyone who wants to increase their organic visibility in the search engine or who want to take their business success to a new level .

SEO is a very good tool to get yourself noticed whether you are a greengrocer in a small town, run a sports club, or run a huge, world-famous company.

Through SEO, you can achieve the following:

Increase your future customer inquiries by incorporating certain search terms that are relevant to your company into the content of your website.
Increase your income by addressing even more prospects through relevant content.
Become more visible to the potential customers who are in your vicinity.
In order for all of this to work, you should optimize it regularly. Don't forget to constantly optimize the content of your website. To find out the most important search terms, you can use the monthly search volume of individual keywords as a guide. This search volume indicates how often a keyword or keyword combination is searched for.

As you can see: SEO is suitable for advertisers, for service providers, for sole proprietorships and for medium-sized as well as large companies. Even creative people, doctors or lawyers, workshops and kindergartens - everyone can benefit from professional search engine optimization .

How long does SEO take?

The first search engine optimization measures will certainly be completed in a few weeks. This means that analyzes are made and evaluated and an SEO concept is developed. The first part of the on-page and off-page optimization can also be tackled, so that you will notice the first positive effects after a few weeks or a few months.

However, you should keep in mind that SEO is a lengthy affair that must be pursued continuously if the desired success is to persist in the long term .

Search engine optimization is constantly changing and therefore always requires rapid intervention, because on the one hand the competition does not sleep, so that you have to readjust again and again in direct competition in order to maintain the good position in the search engine.

On the other hand, the algorithms of Google and other search engines change regularly, which can make it necessary to intervene to compensate for a loss of ranking.

SEO is therefore not a flash in the pan, but a permanent matter, which is, however, very worthwhile, so that the expenses for SEO can usually be put into perspective without any problems. Ultimately, you increase your visibility and, as a result, the turnover of your company.

Should I do SEO myself or hire a service provider to do it?

There are certainly some measures that you can easily implement yourself. However, SEO is much more than just building keywords into a text, because various technical aspects must also be taken into account.

The following reasons speak in favor of hiring a service provider:
You save time and human resources and can concentrate on your day-to-day business.
You leave the entire elaboration and implementation as well as the reporting to an expert.
The service provider has all the necessary knowledge to implement SEO within a short time, while you would probably have to familiarize yourself with it for a long time without ultimately guaranteeing success.

The service provider can access numerous important tools (including paid ones).

The service provider is familiar with the new regulations regarding GDPR and search engine optimization.

As you can see, if you do SEO yourself, you might save some money at first glance. But this often turns out to be a fallacy, because while you or your employees are busy with search engine optimization, you cannot do your actual work. Apart from that, experience has shown that it will take longer before you achieve success even after some training period, so that a short-term investment can be more worthwhile.

And the most important thing: If you do SEO yourself, but do not see the desired success in the long term, you have lost a lot of time, in which you might have generated new customers and thus sales by commissioning a professional service provider.

What really matters in SEO
The misconception that search engine optimization is all about getting a good position in the Google ranking persists. You can only maintain this good ranking over the long term if you offer the user a unique experience.

He must feel comfortable on your website and feel like looking around and finding out more. He must feel that he is in good hands with you. This means: You have to completely satisfy the needs of the user if you want to be successful in the long term.

However, you won't get that by sprinkling a few keywords into pieced together content. Rather, the user must be able to obtain comprehensive information about everything that moves him.

You should also prepare the content optimally so that it is appealing to the user. So it is also part of enriching text with images or graphics and making the entire website as user-friendly and comprehensible as possible.

The navigation must be coherent and the user should feel "picked up" at his starting point at all times. Only then will it move around and interact with your website for a long time, which has a lasting positive effect on the targeted, good Google ranking. The pure textual optimization, on the other hand, will in all probability not be crowned with lasting success.

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The 5 Biggest SEO Myths

The advantages of SEO at a glance
Long-term success on the internet
Consolidation of the market position in the World Wide Web
Generating better rankings in organic search
Increasing the number of visitors to your own website
Generating higher sales through better placements
With a well-optimized site you are one step ahead of the competition
SEO with Hanser Ranking:
We analyze your website
We check the current situation with regard to the most important ranking factors
We identify the optimization potential of your website
Together with you we optimize your website
We will keep you informed about the status of the optimizations

Numerous myths persist around the topic of "SEO". We have picked out the 5 biggest mistakes for you.

What Our Clients Say About us

We are so proud of our newly designed website at St. Joseph's Catholic School. Nicholas collaborated with us every step of the way to tell our story online. He has gone above and beyond to help us boost our social media and digital presence. We have now moved on to phase two with Southern Digital Consulting; Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Contracting Southern Digital Consulting has been one of the best marketing decisions we have made for St. Joseph's Catholic School.

SeoRunnerz is an internet seo company whose purpose is to help businesses improve their online presence in search and social media in order to acquire new customers and build their brand online. We’ve been in business for over 10 years and between all our team members, we have more than 15 years experience in the search engine marketing industry. We have clients all over the US including but not limited to Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Miami and Nashville. We also work with International companies based all over the world.

What’s an SEO company and how does it work?

An SEO company is made up of a team of professionals who work to improve every aspect of a business’s digital presence. SEO agencies optimize websites and online platforms to make businesses more discoverable to new customers.

There are several steps that go into a beautifully crafted, successful website. It starts with basic security measures that make your website safe for visitors. Just as preliminary, websites need careful construction, including HTML, linking, and structural details that make for appealing design and easy loading.

To optimize a website, SEO agencies work to craft informative content that generates customer interest. Without useful content, search engine algorithms will not assess a website as highly for display on search results pages.

One area of digital strategy that can boost websites even higher in search results is social media. Blogs and social platforms are an extra space for businesses to share content that promotes organic discovery. Organic customers are more likely to make a purchase or visit a location in-person than those who originated from an ad click. That’s why we bring together a team of writers who craft language intelligently for customers AND the algorithm.

SEO isn’t a one-and-done process. It takes time and patience to see results, but they’re often more intuitive. Reputable SEO agencies report tangible results to you on a predetermined, regular basis. At SeoRunnerz, we share detailed reports with our SEO customers monthly.

Analytics from organic customers can denote important information about target audiences that can influence future marketing tactics. SEO may seem complicated, but what makes it so clever is that it’s free to implement. Big tech does not profit from the updates an SEO company makes to your website.

If a customer wants to take their website a step further, SeoRunnerz also offers paid ad management. Paid digital marketing can offer an extra layer of customer insights and increase your site’s exposure.

Why is SEO essential for businesses today?

Organic customers are the holy grail of marketing. These are the searchers who discover businesses through their own research rather than taking the bait and clicking on paid ads. Optimizing your website for SEO provides an outlet for new customers to discover your business authentically.

SEO is essential for any business who wants to compete. No doubt, a small business may have trouble facing a multi-billion-dollar corporation in bids for ad placements. But a small or medium-sized business in partnership with an SEO agency will absolutely contend in local and regional markets for organic search results.

Simply put, if your business does not implement SEO, it is missing out on profits and loyal patrons earned via free advertising.

New customers are already looking for goods and services online, and a large group of them would rather find a small business to support themselves instead of choosing one who paid for their attention. That’s the beauty of SEO—people like to find you on their own, and now there is a space where they can do that more quickly than ever.

SEO increases your local presence, which is especially important if you have a brick-and-mortar location. Optimization, in short, is setting up a strong foundation for a website. This way, it can load seamlessly, be suggested more often, and discovered more easily.

What’s different about SeoRunnerz? Can I do SEO myself?

Anyone can do SEO, but the question is whether they can do it well. SeoRunnerz has delivered results to companies locally and nationally for years. Our team of in-house web designers, content creators, and writers put the same amount of energy and creativity into your website that we do with our own, because we want for your business to thrive.

We’re focused on successful campaigns, but our mission is to save you time and money. We want our efforts to enrich your customers’ experience and ease your workload as a business owner. By partnering with an independently operated SEO agency, you’ll have a personalized strategy, face time with professionals, quick response times, and final say on the most important elements of your web presence.

What does the SEO process look like?

Our specialty is customizing a digital strategy with tactics that ensure your business can flourish.

During your initial consultation, we will get to know you and your business. We want to answer any questions you have about the work we do, learn about your current digital presence, learn about challenges we can help you overcome with a digital strategy, and consider your short- and long-term objectives for your business.

Once we meet with you, we’ll conduct a full, inclusive audit of your business’s online presence. Based on the look and feel of your website and social media, we can suggest services to meet your goals and budget. We will assess potential improvements and ask questions that will assist us in customizing your strategic plan.

Next, we’ll discuss our findings and recommendations with you. At this point, we will prepare contracts for services we agree upon. We’ll also choose an appropriate time frame depending on the services you choose. Then, it’s go-time for our team!

Some of the steps we’ll take may involve:
onboarding your website to our securely hosted server
setting up your website for HTML editing using WordPress
gathering logos or creating new ones to your standards
collecting photos for web design or social media sharing
working with our in-house writers to craft page descriptions and blog content
requesting your clarification or approval before we move forward or publish.

Once we have completed our tasks and your website is live, we’ll schedule revisions and updates. Every month you’ll receive an SEO report, and additional information if paid advertising is a part of your strategy. If social media is part of your strategy, you’ll also have access to analytics that can inform you about your best performing content and target audience.

Our goal is to help your business prosper with a tailored digital strategy. Join our collaborative team to elevate your website to top-ranking status!

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SEO Tip:

Website hosted on staging and development servers getting indexed is the most common SEO mistake that majority of websites’ admins do make.

Just going through a website where three instances of website is indexed in Google and nobody within team is aware about this.

Make sure that you check for such instances while auditing a website and also, educate your tech team about how to avoid the staging servers to get indexed so that these staging instances should not create problems for original website.

SEO Tip:
Reply to  SEO Tip:

There is a misconception that If you embed YouTube video on your landing page, it will help landing page performs better on targeted keywords. Realty is that embedding YouTube videos doesn’t have a direct role in landing page rankings.
However, there is an area in search where embedding video makes difference and that is Google Videos Search. You can’t have visibility on Google Videos search if your landing page has no embedded video. So embed a video on your landing page only if:
1) You want to get visibility on Google Videos Search.
2) You want to provide relevant information to your users through Video for better user experience.

SEO Tip:
Reply to  SEO Tip:

Keyword research is a very important aspect of SEO and SEOs spend most of their time in keyword research so that they can find all the relevant keywords and create content around those keywords. We all mostly rely on our own understanding of our business and what our competitors are targeting which is a good way to start the keyword research.

However, does this process discover all the keywords or use cases that your prospects might be searching for? Certainly not. This process will help you find most of the important keywords/use cases but if you want to discover more, you will have to go beyond your assumptions and competitors & will have to directly interact with your prospects.

Your objective with keyword research is to discover all the possible search terms that your prospects might be searching for so should not you make our prospects part of our keyword research?

Sales and customer support teams mainly interact with your prospects, talk to them and ask them to check with prospects what their pain points are and what purpose they want to solve with your product or service? Also, ask prospects to share their use cases when they are interacting within your website.

SEO Tip:
Reply to  SEO Tip:

SEO audit is not about only finding technical SEO issues within website that most of the SEOs uncover through several SEO tools.

I personally believe that an SEO audit is more than what these SEO tools provide. If an SEO is not asking right questions to website admin to understand current and historical status of website and performance (including tech changes, migration, penalities etc) then that audit will not have much value.

A tool can help an SEO in the audit process but it can’t cover all the aspects that should ideally be there in an SEO audit report.

SEO Experience:
Reply to  SEO Tip:

Organic traffic growth is not the only success metric. If you are working with large content driven websites and your organic traffic is growing and traffic from other channels are not then it means that your content is good for crawlers but due to some reasons(maybe due to bad user experience or structure of content etc.), users are not finding that content interesting.

We have audited so many websites where websites were doing great on search engines but their social/direct/referral traffic was not growing because most of the visitors were not sharing the content on social media, they were not linking the content and they were not returning to websites.

Ideally, in large content driven websites, contribution of organic traffic in overall traffic should not be more than 50-60% and remaining should come from other sources like direct, social, referral etc. The higher contribution of other channels indicates that content is being liked, shared and linked by users and users are returning to website as well to consume new content.

We all know that large content driven websites mainly make money through advertisements so more visitors they will have on website, better revenue they will make. Being dependent on only organic channel will be counter productive in case website gets hit by core updates.

Bottom line is that don’t just focus on organic traffic, focus on other channels as well and if others channels are not growing, do revisit your content strategy or focus on user experience.

Reply to  SEO Tip:

If you are not able to convert your existing organic traffic then you are unlikely to convert your paid traffic as well.

We have seen many companies who try to expand mindlessly without consolidating/optimizing the existing channels and this leads to wastage of money and efforts.

Conversion optimization is the most important part of marketing operations where you review each step of your funnel and ensure that users find no hurdles there so that their journey can become smooth.

If your existing traffic is finding your funnel tough to complete resulting in less leads/sales, it would be a bad assumption that new traffic will behave differently.

Always optimize your conversion funnel before you start putting your money on paid channels.

Reply to  SEO Tip:

If your website traffic is not helping you get enough leads then before changing your marketing strategy, try to change your landing pages and lead forms once.

A conversion funnel has many steps and traffic is the first step. If you can improve the conversion rate at later steps, you can improve the overall performance of conversion funnel without making any change in the first step.

Most of us have an issue of finding complex solutions of complex problems as we often believe that complex problems don’t have easy solutions but reality is that complex problems also have easy solutions so find for those easy solutions first before moving to complex solution.

SEO Tip:
Reply to  SEO Tip:

Don’t ever follow your competitors blindly even if they are performing well organically.

Performance of a website has nothing to do with SEO best practice always. Some of them might be ranking well despite the bad or risky things they are doing and if you follow them blindly, you will be at risk of getting penalized or negatively affected by Google update.


You already have a website that was created with Wix, Weebly, Typo3, Joomla, Drupal, Contao, WordPress, Jimdo, PHP with a responsive design? Then we can help you to get your website with your keywords on page 1 on Google in order to generate more qualified customer inquiries in the long term.

Tip 1: the content
You need SEO-compatible content (also called SEO content). Search engine optimization (SEO for short) is used to design the content of a website technically and in terms of content so that it achieves a better ranking – a higher position – in the results lists of search engines such as Google. For this it is necessary to implement an individual keyword density that results from our analyzes. The title and description as well as images and file name should also contain the desired keyword. The SEO Agency Stuttgart is THE competent SEO agency for your successful search engine optimization.

Tip 2: keywords
Do you already know your keywords? A good keyword fulfills the following three requirements:

It describes the content of the website as precisely as possible.
It uses the same words colloquially used by prospects when searching for the information.
It is not necessarily the most used keyword. A good niche keyword made up of multiple words (a phrase) can sometimes work better. Ideally, you should use a main keyword for each website / subpage, which is also mentioned in the title, description and in the heading H1.

Tip 3: backlinks
Backlinks are to be rated like recommendations / reviews . If a backlink refers to your website from a topic-relevant page, this will be rated positively by Google. A distinction must be made between “dofollow” and “nofollow” links. Visually they cannot be distinguished, only in the HTML code. “Dofollow” links significantly influence the ranking, whereas “nofollow” links only work through the link mix. Therefore, depending on the industry, a healthy mix of between 20–50% “nofollow” & “dofollow” links is advantageous. “Nofollow” links are e.g. B. guest book entries or entries in business directories etc. The strongest and most sought-after backlinks are z. B. Links from guest articles . Seorunnerz is your specialist when it comes to offpage optimization and natural link building.

SEO Consulting

The times in which it was enough to have certain term frequencies appear with a static frequency in texts in order to achieve a good ranking have been numbered for several years:

High-quality, optimized text content has become more and more important over the past 5 years and will continue to gain in importance in the future.

These are characterized by a large number of factors that can vary greatly depending on the situation. For example, texts which search engines consider to be of inferior quality for some time can lead to a permanent penalty for the website concerned by the search engines.

Even with the best in-house teams, “operational blindness” can automatically set in after a certain period of time.

We advise you on the basis of extensive analyzes for the effective optimization of your online project, show you in detail unused potential and give you new impulses to improve the findability of your portal within the search results.

Through targeted consulting and advice from trained specialists, we convey to you what you as a company should pay attention to in your online concept! With our help, you will choose the right focus in the area of ​​SEO. Not only advice on alignment, but also practical in implementation.

External energy for better ranking

A qualitative link building is the booster to bring your website up in the ranking. We guarantee the goal of only generating links that are viewed as positive by the search engines through our sensitive quality management. For example, links are only set with a content-related, i.e. semantic reference, so that your trustworthiness is guaranteed to increase on the Internet. The constant control of the link growth rate ensures organic growth and provides valuable information for a sensitive and effective approach.

Through link building you receive references to your own website from other websites and thus network it on the World Wide Web. Readers click on the backlink for added value and land on your domain based on the link. Link building gives you the chance to achieve an outstanding Google ranking and more website traffic. Therefore, building a serious and positive link profile should be an integral part of optimizing your website.

The generation of naturally created links ensures that additional users become aware of you who probably would not have found your site without the link. Each of your link providers, which we select specifically for you, is in principle a recommendation provider. Link building has many advantages:

many new ways in the net that lead to your website
an increase in your trustworthiness on the internet
an improvement in your ranking
the chance of top positions in the search results

SEO distinguishes between good backlinks that transfer the ranking (the juice) of a website to your domain and those that don’t. The link is given the attribute “dofollow” or “nofollow”. The attribute “dofollow” is taken by the search engines as a recommendation to which the link source with its own good name stands. The importance for your company and your link profile is correspondingly high.

The “nofollow” attribute is also understood as a recommendation, but with reservations. Maybe someone already has a positive impression of your holistic content, but wants to wait and see how things develop. He is then ready to draw attention to your content, but your domain does not inherit any link juice. Organic link building will therefore always have nofollow and dofollow links.


Individually and personally. We have been successfully on the market for over 15 years and have set ourselves up as a full-service online marketing agency so that you can get all conceivable services in online marketing from a single source. We would be happy to help you realize your potential by developing a solid search engine optimization strategy. We take into account trends in digital marketing and the insights gained from our projects.

As a TOP SEO agency, we accompany you every step of the way – starting with the conception, text content and design to activating the website or the online shop. We are happy to take over the flood of data, evaluate the results and make actionable recommendations for profitable search engine optimization.

It is important to us that your potential customers find out about your services / products. That is why we are not only the right agency fan for your search engine optimization: As a full-service online marketing agency, we can offer you various services from various online marketing areas in a comprehensive and individual way: social media, web design, content marketing and SEA.

Our SEO consultants work with you as a partner – on the basis of respect. The detailed, face-to-face conversation, factual all-round advice and accurate reports on the individual services are an integral part of our SEO support.

We are happy to take the time to provide our customers with more detailed information about what is currently useful in terms of optimization and what is not. Our support team will be happy to help and advise you at any time.

Online marketing is always changing. What is still considered a must-have today can be a no-go tomorrow. Interventions for optimization should therefore always be re-examined.

Our SEO experts closely monitor how the SEO processes that are started affect your rankings and your traffic and intervene as quickly as possible in the event of a loss of results – with new or varied measures.


As an SEO agency, we get to know your company better in an initial, detailed discussion . Here it is important that we get to know your target group better and identify their socio-demographic characteristics at this point in time. Now that the target group has been brought one step closer to us, it is a matter of understanding your product in detail. What problems can it solve? How can it beautify the everyday life of customers? All of these are important questions in order to optimally match the traffic sources to your company in the later course of the collaboration. High conversion rates can only be achieved with visitors who correspond to your target group.

The keyword analysis is the first step in search engine optimization. Now that we know your company and your product, the creative minds in the SEO agency can think about it. Which search terms match your company’s products and services? In close coordination with you, a set of keywords is agreed upon with which traffic from the search engines is to be tapped. In addition to the pure keyword analysis, our experts work out the optimal positions of the respective landing pages in the website architecture in order to achieve maximum rankings.

This work takes place in the course of our SEO audit , in which we put your website through its paces . In this audit, your website is examined for technical problems and a recommendation for action is made. As an SEO agency, we optimize your website for optimal crawlability. After all technical obstacles have been removed, you can continue with the optimization of the content on your website. The SEO process includes the continuous creation of new content as well as the further search for keyword opportunities in order to further increase your visibility.

However, we don’t just look at the on- page factors of your website. The off page optimization and thus the link building represents the second important pillar of search engine optimization. Our experts of the SEO agency analyze your existing activity in Link Marketing (IS) analysis. Then the measures of the top 10 competitors for the search terms to be optimized are analyzed. The strategy for the upcoming link marketing is then derived from the target / actual comparison.

In addition to these key figures, it is also very important to us to get to know you as an entrepreneur. What is it that drives you? What are your goals in the future? Because search engine optimization is primarily designed for the long term. This is exactly why it is important to us that you get on well personally. Only then can a successful partnership between SEO agency and company be entered into with mutual respect.

We provide a digital service that for many does not appear tangible at first glance. As an SEO agency, we try to make our service as tangible as possible, both through personal contact and through the documentation of all work performed. This includes, among other things, monthly reports so that you as the company owner can understand exactly how your website is developing.

As a manager, you don’t want to spend days poring over Excel spreadsheets to understand what’s happening with your website. You want to see quickly and clearly that your marketing measures are successful, that’s all. We understand exactly that and break down the metrics of success for you. At a glance you can see the development of the performance of your website in Google (SEO) or Adwords.

As an SEO agency, we specialize in generating organic traffic. However, this traffic channel may not be the right solution for your problem. This is precisely why getting to know your company in detail is so important in order to know the framework conditions and, above all, your goals. Often, goals can be better achieved with paid advertising such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads and SEO is not the method of choice. We deliver tailor-made marketing solutions , with a focus on your marketing goal. We are therefore happy to take a look outside the box and, as a certified Google partner, also advise you in the areas of Google AdWords, Bing Ads, social media marketing (Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads) or email marketing . No two websites are alike, which is why you won’t get any off-the-peg solutions from us, but a marketing mix that is optimally tailored to your company.


We do our best to catapult your website to the top spots on Google – because that’s where it belongs! Success is a question of foresight and forward-looking strategies. We select the most suitable measures for you and your company, combine them perfectly and convert them into cash for you. SEO is still the marketing discipline with the best cost-revenue ratio.

All you have to bring is a little patience – but it will pay off. Serious SEO agencies do not implement successful search engine optimization overnight – but certainly from today to the day after tomorrow. During this time, we also keep an eye on all influential factors and – if necessary – make targeted corrections again and again. In this way, we work closely with you to get your website on the desired path to success. That way you are that decisive step ahead of the competition!

Basic competition analysis
Detailed source code analysis and content analysis
Targeted keyword analysis and research including search engine analysis
Keyword-focused SEO strategy
Extensive on-page optimization and profound off-page link building with high-quality backlinks

SaphirSolution 360

The SaphirSolution Online Marketing Audit is an analysis of the status quo of an online shop / website. As part of the analysis, our online marketing experts look into the online marketing that has already been implemented and analyze the current development in the area of ​​online marketing. The online marketing audit shows you optimization potential for relevant traffic channels.

Another look goes to 3 of your defined competitors and the activities of these in the corresponding online marketing channel.

In the overall picture, as part of the audit, we then recognize which measures will bring the necessary success for your online shop or website in the next step. Based on the data collected on the status quo, we develop specific recommendations for action for the individual online marketing channels as part of the online marketing audit.


We specialize in the conception of online marketing strategies and their operational implementation in the areas of SEO , Google Ads , social media and content marketing . We are always transparent , are always authentic and attach great importance to reliability and a high quality standard . Together with our customers, we design individual success strategies in a trustworthy and professional environment .

The pure building of a high number of links is no longer recommended for better SEO rankings since the introduction of the Updates Penguin algorithm and the increased penalties for purchased links. Sophisticated link building measures are still a tried and tested means of improving online visibility.


We at MAXXmarketing draw on concentrated know-how from over 15 years of SEO experience . We have been optimizing websites since the early days of Google and understand how the search engine works. Valuable knowledge that you too should make use of. As a full-service agency , we not only offer you SEO, but also web programming, online marketing and professional web design at a top price-performance ratio . This saves you a time-consuming and costly search for other service providers. Quality is a matter of honor for us. Our professionals for sales psychology, UX / UI design and conversion optimization perfect your website with target group-oriented web and interface design.


We help great companies grow sustainably. With online marketing, strategy and a lot of experience . Are you looking for a partner with whom you can unleash your potential together? No matter what we do for you: We put all the cards on the table. So that you are in the picture about every step. We share our knowledge with you and also help you to set up your in-house marketing department.

SEO aims to optimize your own website in such a way that better rankings in the search engine results direct more visitors to your own website. Successful search engine optimization is based on technical principles, competition-dependent keyword analyzes, content modules in the form of texts, as well as a holistic information architecture of the website. A strategy can only work in the long term if it is individually tailored to customer needs and the specifics of the website. This means that modern search engine optimization can no longer be viewed in isolation, but must be seen as an interface between a large number of disciplines in the company.


Everything we do, we do with passion! Our primary goal is to increase the sales and success of your online shop permanently and sustainably. We achieve this with expertise, legitimate and branding processes, passion and creative ideas. Each of us is an expert in his field and a personal contact for our customers.

Many SEO agencies work according to a certain scheme that they apply to an industrial company as well as to an online shop for fashion. We develop your strategy individually for your market, your needs and your target group – without a scheme!

The art of good SEO is to tackle the most important things first. We prioritize all measures for you and guide you on your way in discussions, phone calls and email. We are also happy to talk to your IT department in order to carry out the planned implementations as effectively as possible. For us, regular contact is the be-all and end-all of a good cooperation.


We don’t have any employees. Perfectly calculating project managers, stylish graphic designers, eloquent content heads and real SEO nerds work for us! A conceptually clean and sustainable search engine optimizationensures that your website can be positioned at the top (top 10) of search engines under frequently searched keywords. We work excitingly, consistently, differently. The ranking result is increased through continuous optimization measures of the website. That is why we have continuously refined this superpower and can now count ourselves among the best of the best. Not “the sky is the limit” but first place. We are the right contact when it comes to optimizing your website! Thanks to our many years of experience, we have the necessary know-how to get your website under the TOP results on Google & Co. Of course we can do more than SEO. We can do a lot. Social media, SEA, web design, content, video, app programming, eating cookies and making good coffee.

What do they say about us?

I would highlight the flexibility to adapt to new requests and challenges, the customer orientation, the quality of the work and the fulfillment of commitments of dates and tasks. We have developed performance, SEO / web management and Analytics campaigns with great performance on your part. I would especially highlight performance campaigns in which, after several unsuccessful experiences with various providers, we finally find a provider we can trust.

What do they say about us?

Now, after a year working with Seorunnerz, we see that with tools, knowledge and teamwork the results arrive and we begin to have better visibility. What we are clear about is that investing in SEO is synonymous with long-term, local positioning and constant learning.

What do they say about us?

We started working with Seorunnerz so that they could guide us through some significant SEO improvements. I have been impressed with Seorunnerz’s highly analytical approach and detailed knowledge of the industry. Seorunnerz’s guidance has helped us achieve extremely positive results from search. I would certainly recommend other companies to work with them.

What do they say about us?

We have worked with Seorunnerz on several occasions to analyze, support us and even implement SEO projects on our entity’s website. Their work has always been 10, with fast and friendly attention, a team eager to help and always ready to solve any questions or problems that may arise. I would always recommend having Seorunnerz as a digital partner.

What do they say about us?

Seorunnerz has collaborated in our online marketing campaigns managing the SEM and Facebook Ads strategy. The results have been very positive, increasing the uptake of both course pre-enrollment and leads. We highlight the level of involvement and professionalism of the entire Seorunnerz team, providing solutions both at a technical and strategic level. A young, dynamic and committed team that grows in the face of challenges.

What do they say about us?

Seorunnerz has collaborated with Rituals in the study of usability and increase of the conversion rate of the website. The results have been positive, without a doubt, we would repeat them! It is worth highlighting the level of professionalism and 100% involvement of the entire team at all times, perfectly solving all the doubts that have arisen.

What do they say about us?

Seorunnerz is undoubtedly the performance agency that every company with maturity in digital marketing needs. There are no layers of business advisors or account managers that make technical communication a broken phone, they are highly qualified professionals, with long experience and track record. They know in detail the accounts they manage and work on them directly on a day-to-day basis, adding value to our collaboration. Seorunnerz becomes a true extension of our marketing department, collaborating, helping, proposing and executing. Their best endorsement is the recommendations and satisfaction of their clients, highlighting that they keep very long-lived clients in their portfolio, something not very common in the digital agency scene. Without a doubt it is a success to have them.

What do they say about us?

It has been 1 years since we started working with Seorunnerz and each year we have exceeded the objectives proposed in the SEM part. We consider that they are part of our marketing department due to their proximity and flexibility. That agencies and companies work together and with the same objectives is sometimes difficult and we with Seorunnerz have achieved it.


MKG Marketing is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Seattle, Wash. with branches in New Orleans, La. and Portland, Ore. The agency was founded in 2011 and has fewer than 10 employees. MGK Marketing provides search engine optimization and pay-per-click services for mostly information technology clients.


Minty Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2015. The company has two locations in Barcelona and London and a team of fewer than 10 employees who provide SEO and PPC services. Their clientele includes small businesses in the business services, advertising and marketing, education, gambling, and health care and medical industries.


Andy Kuiper – SEO Services is an SEO and internet marketing team based in Alberta, Canada. Founded in 2009, the team of 3 specializes in SEO, PPC, and content marketing. 


Silverback Strategies is a performance marketing agency based in Alexandria, Va., with an office in Philadelphia. Founded in 2007, their team of about 40 employees provides services to mid-market and enterprise businesses. They specialize in PPC, SEO, social media marketing, and performance marketing services.


The Search Initiative is an SEO agency based in London and founded in 2017. With over 10 professionals, they solely offer SEO solutions to small and medium-sized companies.

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