How does an international search engine optimization work ?

The SEO optimization for a top ranking on Google is similar on an international level as on a national level. There are three phases in total:

1. Analysis and goal setting
In this phase of Google optimization, data is used to determine which SEO measures are necessary. This phase varies depending on whether you already have a website in your target country or whether you want to set up a website here first.

If a website already exists for the country in question, it will be carefully checked. Does it comply with Google guidelines or are there any issues that need to be fixed? Is there any potential that has not yet been used? Does content have to be created that users and Google like? Has the technical implementation of the international pages been carried out correctly? These and many other questions must be clarified before the optimization for Google and Co. can start.

If the website for your target country does not yet exist, the analysis deals with the potential of various keywords, the technical planning and all other preparatory steps.

2. Carrying out search engine optimization
In the second step of optimization, your website (or your websites) will be adapted according to current SEO criteria. Technical, content and design aspects are aligned with the ranking criteria of Google etc. Building a healthy backlink network is also part of the optimization.
Depending on how your international pages are structured and how many pages are to be optimized, several optimizations may take place at the same time in this phase. Coordinating these centrally is a good idea, because this way all work runs efficiently and in the event of problems, a quick reaction is possible without long coordination between different service providers.

3. Review & post-optimization
The Google guidelines and the web itself are constantly on the move. That’s why SEO optimization is never really finished. Regardless of the country in which you want to be successful: In order to secure your results in the long term, regular reviews and post-optimization are essential.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to make your products or your company better known in certain international markets or worldwide: International SEO increases your visibility exactly where your customers are looking for you.

A great advantage of international SEO is that all successes are measurable for you. Clear data and evaluations show you exactly how all ongoing measures are affecting and whether they are profitable.

International SEO is in demand when your products and services are aimed at customers around the world. However, that doesn’t mean you have to forego local visibility. International SEO can be combined with spatially limited advertising measures in order to reach your target group even more efficiently via Google.

We support you regionally, nationally and globally: This means that we always tailor our SEO services for you precisely to the market that you want to conquer. For example, if you run an English website for international SEO, but also need an optimization of your nationally oriented pages, we can take over both fields.

We advise you comprehensively on an international SEO strategy and a corresponding search engine optimization of your website. It does not matter whether you want to expand your previously local offer or are already represented internationally and need help to design your SEO measures more effectively and to shine with a top ranking on Google.

As a full service SEO company , we support customers all over the world. Thanks to many years of experience in international SEO, we are able to support you with a comprehensive range of services on your way to the international market.

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