What is an SEO Audit ?

An SEO audit is an analysis of the quality of a website with regard to its search engine optimization. In addition to on-page and off-page factors, technical aspects and competing sites are included in the analysis. At the end of the audit, recommendations for action are made that can increase the visibility of the website.

The different components of an SEO audit

A detailed SEO analysis is divided into different areas and includes, among other things, a technical SEO audit and an on-page analysis. We cover off-page factors with our Link Audit Service.

1. Technical SEO audit

Technical SEO measures form the basis for efficient and successful search engine optimization. This is precisely why it is extremely important that the technical infrastructure of your website is flawless and that there are no problems or error messages. In order to get an overview of the current technical state of the homepage, the auditor uses a crawler, which searches the page for technical errors. This recognizes, for example, faulty URLs, incorrect page structures or slow loading times and reports this reliably to the technician, who analyzes the results and develops suggested solutions. The crawlability of your website is important, because only if this is given can Google search, read and index your pages.

2. On-page audit

Onpage SEO basically includes the optimization of the website as well as the content that is on it. During the analysis, the auditor ensures that the following requirements are met:

User friendly urls
No duplicate content
Clear text structure
Appropriate metadata
Correct installation of pictures & graphics

In the onpage area it becomes clear that content is not only produced for search engines, but above all should be reader-friendly and relevant. A homepage has to be user-friendly in all aspects for optimal SEO.



A few steps to success – how does an SEO audit work?

The SEO audit consists of various work steps that build on each other.

Kickoff meeting

The process of the SEO audit is explained in a detailed preliminary discussion. Possibilities are discussed and goals are defined. Basically, the conversation serves to answer your questions and to define a possible target state of the website that should be achieved at the end of the audit or after implementation of the recommended measures. For this purpose, questions on various topics are discussed:

What are your specific goals?

  • What do you expect from the SEO audit?
  • Which results are realistic?
  • What is particularly important to you?
  • What about previous SEO measures? What was done How successful were these measures?
  • What technical requirements must be met for an SEO audit? (Access to the Google Search Console etc.)

If all these questions have been answered satisfactorily for the customer and the SEO auditor, the next step can be taken.

Detailed actual analysis
As part of the actual analysis, the previous SEO measures and their success are checked and existing weaknesses are revealed. The analysis covers various areas, including technical aspects and on-page factors.

Determination of optimization
Potential based on the results of the actual analysis, our experts uncover potential for improvement. Existing errors are analyzed in detail and proposed solutions are compiled, which are listed in a transparent catalog of measures.

Catalog of measures

The catalog of measures provides a clear summary of the SEO audit and provides specific recommendations for action that you can either implement yourself or in cooperation with our experts.
Of course, we are still at your disposal for questions of any kind after the SEO audit and the delivery of the catalog of measures. We would be happy to implement the proposed solutions directly for you. A lot of specialist knowledge is sometimes required, especially for the technical measures. It is therefore advisable to trust a professional and leave the implementation of the measures in the hands of our experts.

When does an SEO audit make sense?

Basically, an SEO audit always makes sense, because search engines like Google are constantly changing and changing the requirements they place on websites. Not being aware of this can quickly have drastic consequences. Professional search engine optimization is an ongoing process.

Sudden loss of ranking is a typical sign that a website is not up to date in terms of SEO. The exact reasons can be varied, but the crash usually occurs after a Google update: What went through so far or had no negative impact causes problems after the update. That is why it is important to keep your homepage up to date at all times. An SEO audit provides the basis for this.

An SEO audit is particularly useful if …

… you want to relaunch your homepage and avoid technical errors in the SEO area.
… you want to find out to what extent an SEO optimization of your homepage makes sense.
… you are planning a long-term SEO optimization of your website and need information about the current state and possible errors.
… you observe a drop in traffic and sales and want to get to the bottom of the problem.

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