YouTube SEO: Rank For Video Content

Do you have a website? Then you are probably familiar with Google as the largest search engine in the world. But how about if, in addition to your visibility on Google, you build up a strong presence on the 2nd largest search engine in the world? Youtube is a future- oriented video search engine that, if used correctly , can become an important traffic and sales channel .

As one of the few online marketing agencies that focuses on SEO optimization for YouTube , we offer you comprehensive optimization and support for your YouTube channel based on data and facts. Our qualified employees have many years of experience and know-how in the field of YouTube SEO and have already successfully completed dozens of projects. We consider your YouTube channel to be a crucial part of your marketing concept and always keep an eye on your goals during all optimizations.



Our YouTube SEO optimization is comprehensive and includes the following cornerstones:

Onboarding call
Before we start with the operational optimization measures, we will arrange an onboarding call with you in which you will get to know everyone involved . We will discuss your goals and wishes with you and answer all your questions.

Analysis of the current situation
First, we take a look at your YouTube channel or your videos with regard to various SEO features . We put the findings together in a document, which represents the foundation of all subsequent SEO optimizations and which will be discussed with you in detail .

Keyword research
Our optimizations start with an in-depth keyword analysis in order to find out relevant search terms for your channel that are used by YouTube users in their search. These keywords represent the basis of the SEO channel optimization.

Optimization of the channel
If the relevant search terms are known, we use them to optimize the channel : They are used in the channel description and stored as channel tags to make it easier for users to search and to send YouTube correct SEO signals .

Optimization of the individual videos
Just as individual websites have to be optimized in classic SEO , individual videos have to be optimized in YouTube SEO optimization. For each individual video , we carry out mini keyword research to find suitable keywords for the video title, tags and video description that have the highest possible search volume. We also set the keywords as video tags so that the video for these search terms can be found more easily by users and YouTube makes it relevant to the respective search term .

In close cooperation with you, we make adjustments if necessary and then upload the optimizations. When uploading, we attach particular importance to the fact that, in addition to the SEO-relevant aspects, the points are also taken into account and maintained that ensure that users interact with your channel and your videos for as long as possible and do not jump off to competitors. This includes the use of end credits, information cards and surveys.

Advice on video production
If you wish, we will be at your side with words and deeds for the video production. We would be happy to advise you on the subject of responsive design and the production of preview images. We also give you recommendations on possible video formats that would best suit your company .

Youtube SEO support
SEO is not a project, but a process. This also applies to SEO optimization on YouTube. That is why we are of course available to you as part of long-term support.

We would be happy to keep you up to date on the success of your videos and your channel at regular intervals . In a detailed report, we show you the current developments of individual KPIs and determine the next steps and measures together with you.

Youtube SEO is all about all the measures that you as a channel operator can take to improve the ranking of individual videos for specific keywords, with the aim of gaining more viewers and thereby achieving your marketing goals.

The complete algorithm that determines the YouTube rankings of individual videos is not available to the public. However, there are well-proven methods and strategies for optimizing known ranking factors to help Youtube establish relevance to certain keywords. This can improve the ranking of the videos for these search terms.

Yes, regardless of whether you are a small retailer or a large corporation, YouTube videos help you to reach your relevant target group and thereby exploit growth potential.

That depends in detail on what you offer and who your target group is. Just contact us and we will help you to find suitable video formats for your YouTube channel.

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